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We’re a dedicated team of developers, data scientists, and designers working together to solve problems that matter.

Founded on Technology

Tuft & Needle was founded in 2012 by two software engineers who quit their jobs in Silicon Valley and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. In a $14 billion industry full of marketing gimmicks, unfair markups, sales commissions, and overwhelming options, we've used an iterative design and development process to create superior, honest products at a fair price. That philosophy is reflected in everything we do.

Don’t do a job, fix a problem

Ordinary issues lead to extraordinary ideas. By challenging the status quo and creating with purpose, we are building a business that serves everyone, not just the tech elite.

Be a lifelong student

When individuals are empowered to grow, teams are strengthened. Learn new skills from day one and we’ll support you along the path to mastery.

Find the right balance

Your time should be your time. We encourage you to live both a sustainable and a productive life.

People first

We seek to make an impact in the lives of our employees, customers, and community.

Co-Founders Daehee Park and JT Marino


A developer mindset guides every aspect of our business — from the products we create to the day-to-day operations of the company — we ideate, iterate, and constantly improve. We believe process should be extracted from things that are working well, not just what we’ve done in the past. We are hyper-focused on results, and don’t expect our team to hold specific office hours (although we do have a pretty sweet office). We aren’t against formal scrum sprints and stand-ups, but have found that our team works well without them.


Our stack consists primarily of Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Mongo, Angular, CoffeeScript, HAML and SCSS running on Heroku. Our codebase has excellent test coverage and we have Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. Refactor without fear and ship daily! We also believe in leveraging quality APIs and tools. We use and love Stripe, CircleCI, Segment, Heap Analytics and Optimizely.


  • Tommy

    Tommy / gh:tommymeyer

    The company holds high standards of business — it’s not just about making money. Our values aren't just words that we say, they're actually practiced and help us make all of our decisions.

  • Colin

    Colin / gh:cdarland

    We're constantly evolving, which opens up new opportunities and challenges in a bunch of different spaces. It really gives you the flexibility to do what you're best at while also building entirely new sets of skills.

  • Jayson

    Jayson / gh:jaysonvirissimo

    The culture at Tuft & Needle encourages experimentation and tolerates failure. It’s a great place to learn and grow as a developer and as a person.

  • Shane

    Shane / gh:shaneriley

    We have the total freedom to choose the tools and technologies to perform our job duties. Too many development teams latch on to one framework or technology and use it no matter what the problem being solved, when oftentimes there's a better solution.

  • Jimmy

    Jimmy / gh:jlthai

    T&N has crafted an amazing work experience where everyone has a chance to continuously grow. As a developer, it’s refreshing to work with smart people who are easy to communicate with, and a company that cares a lot about writing good code.

  • Ian

    Ian / gh:imoss

    Tuft & Needle allows me the flexibility to grow and expand my skill set while at the same time pragmatically moving the business forward.

  • John

    John / gh:john-geer-tn

    As a data scientist, I’m able to incorporate statistical reasoning throughout many different parts of the organization. It is not just about solving a particular problem, it is about figuring out good ways to approach problems in general.

  • Shay

    Shay / gh:shayarnett

    We’re trying to enhance our human connections by crafting tools that enable our customer experience experts to more quickly — and at the highest quality possible — connect with our customers to answer questions and solve problems. Hopefully that means that software that we develop is helping more people sleep better at night.

  • Dave

    Dave / gh:daveott

    Tuft & Needle is a place that cares both about excellence in craft and pragmatism. It's a rare combination that allows you to be at the top of your game technically and to deliver consistent value to the business.

  • Chris


    T&N takes employee feedback seriously. Our team members are encouraged to challenge and evolve their work processes. We apply the fundamentals of modern software development to all aspects of the business, and coming from that technical background, I take pride in all the success we’ve had along the way.

  • Jeff

    Jeff / gh:jeffrwells

    I’m fortunate to work with people that are incredibly smart and very gracious with their time. Whether you want to learn more about JavaScript or Machine Learning, Inbound Marketing or Accounting, everyone at Tuft & Needle will take the time to talk to you about what they do — and also happen to be some of the best in their fields.

  • Erik

    Erik / gh:eclopez

    The culture is awesome. Learning and collaboration is valued, and you feel like you’re working with your friends — because you are!

  • Amy

    Amy / gh:akintner

    T&N prioritizes innovation by allowing us to experiment and encouraging continuing education among teams and across the company as a whole. We developers have the opportunity to enhance our skillsets with mastery sessions, pairing, and longer collaborative projects. I enjoy the flexibility of our workflow and the diligence with which we approach all issues, no matter how small.

  • Andrew

    Andrew / gh:muellercodes

    T&N encourages us to obtain mastery of our craft in a way that makes us better at our professions in the long run.

  • Johnson

    Johnson / gh:johnsont426

    The culture at Tuft & Needle really gives us the flexibility to do what we do, and encourages us to learn and grow. A great place for us as developers to enhance our skillsets.


We’re a small business, but we offer unparalleled benefits. We support you because you support us. Want to learn a little bit more about our philosophy on benefits? Check out this article written by our Design Lead.

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